What is the Point of Making Ice Cream Yourself?

People take great pride in baking apple pie or making decadent nut-filled chocolate brownies. But you don't really hear folks bragging about homemade ice cream all too often. In the world of dessert making, it's often put on the back burner and doesn't get as much attention as it should. There are several reasons for this and one of them is that people think it's too hard. It's actually a lot harder to bake a cake or pie which can both be pretty time-consuming. Most people aren't aware of how convenient modern ice cream makers are, or they have bad memories of past experiences. Old hand-crank ice cream makers used to leave a big mess since they involved ice that had to constantly be reloaded into the machine. But it's not like that anymore, and in the realm of cooking, making ice cream is one of the easiest things you can do. Let's take a look at why you might want to give it a try one day.
It’s fun - one of the great joys of cooking is taking separate ingredients and forming them successfully into a final product. No other process exemplifies this as perfectly as making ice cream. You turn ordinary every day ingredients into a delectable treat that goes with any occasion. You get to see the science behind the process unfold right before your eyes, and there are lots of great devices to help you do it. For example, the “Play and Freeze” ball by UCO turns it into a game where you load in all your ingredients and shake, role, throw, and kick the ball until you're left with ice cream! Of course this product is more of a novelty, but other standard machines can be fun to use as well.
Kids Love it - it's hard to find activities that parents can do with kids these days. While they’re distracted on the Internet or texting to friends, they might not be all too eager to help you in the kitchen. But there's something about making ice cream that gets kids engaged, probably because they can do it really easily. This is the perfect type of thing you can do after a Sunday meal as a family.
Make Your Own Flavors - any combination can be brought to life with your own imagination and creativity. A basic custard is easy to prepare, and there are lots of ways you can modify it. Even something seemingly complicated like chocolate chip mint ice cream isn't hard at all. You can also add things like candy, cookies, fruit, or marshmallows to enhance any basic recipe. It won't be long before you can come up with your own family recipe you can show off to your friends.
A Healthier Version - since you have full control over the recipe, you can make additions or subtractions as you see fit. You can cut down on overall sugar content and replace it with more natural sweetie ingredients like fruit. You can also use lighter versions of cream or bypass egg yolks in some recipes. Anything you make will likely be a lot healthier than whatever you would buy at the store. This allows you to enjoy ice cream more often without feeling guilty about adding to your cholesterol.
Anyone can do it - a standard ice cream maker these days comes with everything you need to make a perfect match your first time. You can find recipes on the Internet without having to invest in a cookbook. You'll find it's as easy as blending your liquid ingredients to form a custard, and then pouring it into your ice cream maker to finish off the process. In about half an hour, you'll have a soft serve product that you can Harden up in the freezer. Or simply eat it right out of the bowl for a treat that might just be the best ice cream you've ever had.
If you think that you might want to try making ice cream at home, you can visit icecreamakers.com to find a variety of recipes and reviews to buy the perfect ice cream maker.

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