Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is round the corner. That means the time for gift giving and celebration is here. It’s the time when you have to make a long list of what gifts you will be mailing to your near and dear ones. While simple cards with the season’s greetings do suffice for colleagues at work, you should get your friends and family something special and unique. If you are tired of gifting them the run of the mill gifts like books and stuffed toys, you can try something different this year. Here is a list of some out of the box gift ideas for Christmas that you can try this year. While most of them have an element of the ethnic Indian style incorporated in their design and making, they have a global appeal.
Mughal miniature paintings: Hailing from the era of the glorious vintage era, miniature paintings have a flavor of the art from the Medieval period , with bright warm colours and intricate detailing predominating each work of art during the time. While not as expensive as full scale Mughal paintings, miniatures are affordable and speak of a refined taste in art, culture and harmony. These make excellent Christmas gifts for your more arty and ethnic culture obsessed friend.
Door hangings: This is a very Indian home décor item that is inexpensive yet beautiful. Door hangings are generally decorative pieces of cloth fashioned out of cotton or satin fabrics and decorated along the top of a door. These door decorative pieces look very welcoming, if put on the main door at the entrance of the house. You can pick a more elaborated and intricately designed door hanging for your front door and smaller and less conspicuous once for other rooms. They are generally decorated with various kinds of embellishments and thread work and have traditional religious or cultural markers on them. The sacred “om” is one very common example of the designs that are prevalent amongst these decorations.
Designer stoles: The traditional Indian stole is certainly one fashionable accessory that all the ladies would love to possess. Crafted out of handmade fabric and design items like “Rajasthani bandhej” or tie and dye and other fabrics like silk and crepe, these stoles look fabulous with Indo-western outfits. They bring out a very traditional element by adding a hint of ethnicity to all your dresses.
Ottomans: This is another item of home decor which has multi-faceted uses and can easily incorporated into any room. It brings about a very dynamic look to the room and can transform the theme. You can use a variety of ottomans in different rooms, like round, square and even rectangular ottomans. You can use them as foot stools, sitting spaces and coffee tables. They can also work well as storage compartments to stash away stationery items like magazines, books and cushions.
White metal creations: White Metal CreationsGerman silver items like statuettes and figurines, designer wall hangings, photo frames, fruit and nut boxes and jewellery boxes look very good as centre pieces in the house and can be used in the living room.
The good thing is that all the mentioned items are very affordable yet looks very elegant and royal. They can be easily ordered from online stores like Rajrang.com. As its holiday season, the stores may have different offers and discounts. So before Christmas bells ring, complete your last minute shopping and get ready to welcome your loved ones with warm hugs and beautiful surprises.
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