5 Easy Ways to Save Money NOW!

Budgeting is hard, and getting laid off or losing a job might be the only thing that can really force you to budget your money better. But what if you knew some ways to help cut costs before such a crisis presents itself? There are several ways to save money in every household, and this article will help you avoid such a predicament!

1. Electricity
Electricity can be very expensive and many people really believe they cannot control how expensive this bill gets. However, they definitely can! One of the best ways to reduce electricity consumption is by replacing all the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient CFL bulbs. Another way is by unplugging all electronics before you head to work, because any plugged-in electronics still draw electricity and add to your bill. One last way to save is by washing your clothes and rinsing your dishes with cold water. If you follow these basic tips, you could cut your electricity bill in half each month.

2. Eat In
We all enjoy eating out, but the truth is that it costs tons of money to do. Instead of eating out all the time, pick up items at the grocery store each week to make meals with at home. You can even search for coupons in coupons booklets, or online for the items you are going to make meals with to help save even more money. In addition, making your own healthy meals at home nightly can help keep you healthy and active, because you are actually going to nourish your body with good whole foods instead of fast greasy restaurant food (you'll also be on your feet more). Even a slightly pricey home-cooked meal is a better value than going out, because even a a dollar or two saved can add up over time. Furthermore, you can likely make enough servings of a meal to make your money go farther.

3. Shutting Off Cable
All right, I know some of you dislike the sound of cutting off the cable, but you can get many shows (and movies) online free! If you have just lost your job, or hours have been cut back at work, canceling cable is an easy solution to cutting costs immediately.  You will be thankful you did when you have some (or a lot of) extra money in your pocket at the end of the month!

4. Transport
If you are trying to cut costs, one of the best ways to do so is by car-pooling with family and friends to the places you need to go. If you live in the city, take advantage of the bus or train. Even if you don't NEED more money, it just makes sense. A monthly pass usually costs no more than $40 (and that's at the way high end). Imagine how much you spend a month on a car payment, insurance, gas, parking and maintenance? If you can live without a car, you should. Making a few adjustments will be well worth the sacrifice!

5. Heat
One of the best ways to cut heating costs is by turning the heat off or down before you leave the house. Heating the house when you are gone is pointless, because you are wasting oil, gas or electricity and therefore money too. If you do this simple step, you could cut your heating costs in half each month (that's 12 times a year)!
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