Top 3 Apps to Increase Efficiency for Business Travelers

Traveling for business is almost always a drag one way or another but with the technology of the iPhone, apps can help make work more efficient and even fun. There are countless apps available for download but not many can offer multiple benefits with easy and simple controls.
Before wasting precious time downloading, testing, and deleting useless utilities for the iPhone consider the top three apps that can alleviate headaches for business travelers. You will wonder how you ever managed a business trip without them.
1. TripIt for Business
First on the list is this all-in-one trip planner that makes coordinating all your needs with business travel. From booking hotels to checking flight arrival times and reviewing car rentals, this app is a must-have for those on the go. The beauty of TripIt for Business is that it also accommodates small businesses and large corporations. With a range of ten or up to a hundred users, organizing trips for all employees is a cinch.
Unique Feature: This app offers a handy dashboard that organizes all business travelers into a single compilation. It will allow one traveler to keep in touch with one another and even allows simultaneous access to each traveler’s itinerary. Many business travelers can benefit from being able to see which employee is most efficient or which travels most often.

2. GateGuru
Business travel will almost always require flights so having an app like GateGuru is a must to increase efficiency. Aside from providing live status updates, it also tracks down the correct gate for any given flight and helps to save time. With detailed information on over 115 airports, amenities like restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots, ATMs, or retail stores, GateGuru is acts as a great traveling assistant.
Unique Feature: GateGuru is designed to accommodate social networking platforms. Travelers can check-in on Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, or Foursquare. With a built-in leaderboard, this app is top notch and allows users to leave reviews, offer advice, and much more. Business travelers will not only be able to see what services are nearby but also what others have to say about them.

3. TurboScan
Travelers that are constantly on the run often have trouble keeping loose documents like receipts or work notes in order. In any business industry, any documents are important so losing even just one can defeat the purpose of the entire trip. With this handy app, it is like having a portable scanner in your iPhone. A convenient feature is having the option to print, save, or email documents as PDF or photo files.
Unique Feature: The auto-detection feature in TurboScan helps business travelers save valuable time and eliminates crinkles in the documents and keeps edges in tact. There will be no more shadows or imperfections in your important documents because users can control brightness, contrast, color, and even orientation. Even with a plethora of awesome features, TurboScan does not compromise crisp quality and offers a wide variety of options for user customization.

Technology has made many headaches much easier to deal with. Each and every business trip is important so getting rid of the burdens of trip planning is worth the while. Whether you are the frequent business traveler that has trouble with flight delays, reserving car rentals, or even finding great places to eat in the area, eliminate your traveling troubles with the top three apps to maximize efficiency.
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  1. I love the way you are looking at the fun and efficiency that apps are bringing to business travel. When Dish sends me to work in different cities, I always have tripadvisor and gateguru because they are so helpful in staying on top of my work life and that allows for fun. I always keep an app for pure fun for those potential stressful times called dish remote access giving me full access to programming and DVR content wherever I need relaxation. With every business trip being beyond important, I embrace the technology that makes efficiency and fun possible.