Koh Phangan - Top 5 Island Beaches At A Glance

Those planning to travel to Thailand should never miss giving a visit to Koh Phangan. Full Moon Party and Had Rin are two main attractions that make it a must visit island in Thailand. So, if you must attend the full moon or black moon party on the island, do not forget to explore other beaches as well.
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In total, there are 30-odd beaches on Koh Phangan. Each one of it has its own charm and elegance. Since the island is quite laid back in terms of development, it wouldn’t take more than a week to getting to know the place. The locals, insight culture, and finding your forte will give you a rewarding experience Here are the top 5 beaches in that you must explore on your visit to Koh Phangan.
Haad Yao 
Haad Yao is famous for scenic secluded bay with clear water and white sand. The beach and only be accessed by foot or boat. This is the reason people like spending a laid back pleasurable time here, as there is no non-sense created by motorbikes and other means of transportation. On your visit to the beach you will experience a real desert like feel on the island.
Haad Rin NaiThong Nai Pan 
Full Moon Party Haad Rin
Thong Nai Pan is one of the island’s major destinations. Every year, thousands of travelers visit the beach to enjoy astounding landscape, unique islander hospitality and the great vibe that they get from this part of Koh Phangan. Thong Nai Pan is indeed a laid back beach on the island, but it also offers a plenty of options for food, sports and drinks. The mountainous terrain offers excellent hiking and walking path, with beautiful scenic waterfalls. Offshore you can even enjoy scuba diving, fishing trips and loads of other adventure sport activities.
Thong Nai Pan Noi
Thong Nai Pan Noi is comparatively a bigger and busier beach with exciting nightlife and plenty of options for 4 star hotels. However, most part of the beach is occupied by a small village. You can expect to get good connectivity and better development in this part of Koh Phangan. If you are interested in exploring the local culture of the village, and nightlife they have to offer, then this is the beach worth visiting.
 Salad Beach 
Salad Beach is also known as Haad Salad. It is a beautiful beach on the northwest coast of Koh Phangan. Salad beach is well known for Haadlad and translated as an old place for pirates. During the high tides in the month of November-April, the beach provides good opportunity for swimming just offshore.
Mae Haad Beach 
Located on the northeast-tip of Koh Phangan, Mae Haad beach is a tiny island of Koh Ma.
The beach has gone through a lot of changes recently, resulting in greatly improved road connections and other new developments. The beach has a sand bar that you can walk across to reach Koh Ma.
So next time you plan to take a trip to Thailand, make sure you add these lovely and exotic beaches to your itinerary. Each one of them has its own special characteristic feature that will give you a complete holiday experience.
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