Companies Underestimate Value Of Cleaning Service

American companies are scrambling for ways to keep operating costs down as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression continues to decimate their earnings.

Among the expenses frequently targeted by companies is their cleaning and janitorial service.

While it may seem like an easy luxury to give up, businesses who cut these services are naively underestimating the value that professional cleaning services offer.
Companies should carefully weigh some of the following factors before they terminate their cleaning service relationship.

1. Office Cleanliness: Without floors being mopped, toilets being scrubbed and countertops being wiped, the overall cleanliness of your office is going to significantly decline. A lot of companies who cut their cleaning services rely on their employees to pick up the slack. Realistically, an office won’t get very clean unless it is someone’s job to do it.

2. Germs: Without the office being properly sanitized it raises the risk of co-workers spreading their germs, especially during the cold and flu season. This could result in the company seeing an increase in employee absences. The more often your employees get sick, the more money it could cost the company in productivity. You want your employees to know that their health and well-being is important to the company.
3. Clients: Whether you are trying to maintain the business of a life-long client or develop a new business relationship --  you want your office to project an aura of efficiency and stability. Having an unsanitary workplace exudes the opposite.
4. Morale: Cutting your cleaning service sends a message to your employees that the company may not be in the greatest of financial situations. Employees may feel that the having them do extra cleaning is just another unrealistic expectation that the company has put on them. In this current economic climate, employees live in a constant state of paranoia and look for reasons to jump to another company.
5. Time: Employing a cleaning service saves the company time. Without a janitorial service other employees are expected to use part of their days tidying up. You didn’t hire these people because of their cleaning skills. .
6. Accountability – When you hire a professional cleaning service you have some who is accountable for keeping the office clean. You have someone to turn to when you want a specific area focused on. Without a professional cleaning service there is no one to blame when the overall cleanliness of the office declines.
Companies may want to consider these factors and find another way to save money.
Charlie Edwards is a business writer for more than 72 local news sites and works with Leone's Building Service.

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