How to Take Part in a Wine Tasting Event

Learning about wine can be difficult, but for most people after they understand it they become addicted.  Wine tasting always makes for an interesting event because it allows people to try new things, get to different places, and meet new people.
Wine Tasting
The purpose of a wine tasting event is for wine experts or wine enthusiasts to get a chance to sample a wide variety of wines.  Wine events can take place at either a sit-down restaurant or a more formal experience.  Many times the customers and the waiters will dress up.  Other times, a wine event may take the form of a party at a house for a more casual experience.
The reason why wine tasting events are so popular is because people who attend are able to sample many different wines.  Purchasing a bottle of wine at the store may be troublesome or annoying.  It may not always be possible to determine if the bottle of wine will taste good or not.  Although, it is possible to buy many different bottles of wine as long as you are willing to through most of it away after sampling them.
What Makes it so Interesting?
The fun part about wine tasting is that you can compare and learn from other people that are sampling the wine.  Plus it is a good way to make new friends.  Listening to experienced wine tasters is one of the best ways to learn the trade and become more of a wine enthusiast.
The best way to attend a wine tasting event is to contact a local wine bar or wine tasting restaurant.  Many times a local restaurant will host a sponsored wine tasting event.  Also a wine cafe will give customers a sample of the wine before they order a glass or a bottle.
Clash of Cultures
When tasting the wine, many people will spit it out after leaving it in their mouth for approximately eight to ten seconds.  The reason for this is because after tasting several different wines people are less likely to adequately taste the wine after drink number ten.  Some people will swallow the wine because they paid good money to taste it and do not wish to waste it.  Those that do spit out the wine will either spit it on the floor or into a drain.  Others will use a spittoon, a cup, or a bucket to spit out the wine.
Many rules to wine tasting are dependent of where in the world you taste the wine.  Look into the different cultures before heading to Rome or France to go to a wine tasting event.
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