Pop Up Hotels: Are They Really The Next Big Thing?

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The Pop-up Hotel is a fairly new phenomenon, providing you with luxury camping where and when you need it. My use of the word 'camping' may misconstrue, this is no ordinary tent! With double beds, storage spaces, living areas, bathrooms, dressing rooms and verandas, this accommodation is a site to behold!
These temporary hotels are quite literally 'popping' up all over the globe, despite occasionally being on the pricey side, the benefit of purchasing will wipe away any thoughts of the bank balance!
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A family run company - 'The Pop Up Hotel' based in Somerset; have used their 14years experience of property development in the Caribbean; to create the ultimate portable hotel for your comfort. The initial idea stemmed from the designs of their Caribbean homes, they wanted to bring the exquisite design over the pond, re shape it and make these homes fit to British culture.
'The Pop Up Hotel' supplies their 'rooms' at British festivals. For those of whom do not wish to spend their time in a cramped '2 man tent', get dressed outside and have to traipse through the filth to the nearest fast food van... well, isn't that all of us!? These spectacular tents are just the ticket!! For £995 - a price based on 4-5 people sharing, a £200 each - undoubtedly worth it. You and your friends will be able to camp just 10 minutes away from all the other campsites, have an excellent night sleep, a warm shower and, if you wish, 'room service' supplied by 'The Pop Up Hotel'. If this does not temp, I do not know what will! There are current reservations available for the 'hotels' at Glastonbury 2013, so get in there quick!
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The pop-up hotels have also hit London with support from Travel Lodge. The concept of bringing this idea to London is that a fully functioning hotel can be in place in just a few short months, ideal for any large events happening such as the Olympics or important conferences. It has been said that these Pop Up Hotels will soon become the future of UK tourism, with the housing and hotel prices peaking, these affordable and sufficient hotels will be of a high demand.
The trend has also spread from London to the rest of Europe, with a French company 'Abilmo' supplying large pop up homes, they possess the flexibility to construct over 25 a day! Pushing further afield to Mexico, are the 'eco beach pads', using purely natural resources off the Caribbean coast to build, this is the ultimate cheap and authentic place to stay.
Overall, the Pop-Up hotels are affordable, convenient and suit any culture over the globe. This really is the next big thing.
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