A Look At Some Of The Best Clubs And Lounges In New York City

New York City is one of the best places to go in the entire US, if not the entire world, when it comes to late-night partying. Whether you are into bars or clubs, there is surely something worthwhile in the city that meets exactly what you are looking for. If clubs are your thing, there a few clubs that are truly a cut above the rest.
The Marquee
Located at 289 10th Avenue, this nightclub has a very strict door policy. If you are a guy, you can pretty much guarantee that you will NOT get in unless you bring a few attractive female friends along with you. To help ensure that you have a chance of getting in, make sure you are also dressing and looking your absolute best. As far as pricing, the drinks here are around $10 for a beer, with mixed drinks generally costing around $14.
Sounds Of Brazil
SOB is located at 204 Varick Street and is a very sexy Latin American-themed dance club near the West Village. From its awesome music choices, including Latin, Samba and reggae, to its great drinks, there are plenty of reasons to visit this bar and it is open until very late, in fact 4am!
This exclusive club is in the basement of the Radisson Lexington Hotel and offers a 15,000 square foot dance club with Latin, salsa and samba music choices. An extensive drink menu and a very exciting atmosphere make this a guaranteed great time- if you can get in and past the bouncers.
This lounge isn't as much of a traditional club as it is a bar with great Asian and Mediterranean inspired dishes. There is music, but its more of a lounge environment, though this is certainly a great place to party and have the time of your life.
Highline Ballroom
A large open space with an upper level seating area, this place is massive, holding just a little under a thousand people. The Ballroom is also often used as a concert location and features popular musicians and artists, particularly pop musicians.
Hudson Terrace
Located at 621 West 46th Street, this rooftop lounge is again more about partying and having fun, but it also has an excellent dance floor with a great amount of room. This lounge also has a retractable roof making it possible to dance the night away and have fun, even during awful weather. There is a cover charge at this joint though, at $10.
1 Oak
Located at the 453 West 17th Street, the 1 Oak stands for “one of a kind” and is an intimate spot that is very hard to get into, but if you can, you will find that there is awesome times to be had in a very upscale and unique lounge experience.
Kiss & Fly
The Kiss & Fly offers a 5000 square foot dance club located on 409 West 13th Street and is created by the designers Pink Elephant with Roman art and architecture that makes it very elegant and helps it stand out. While it isn't as large as some of the city's other clubs, it has great music, good Djs and an awesome overall atmosphere.
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